Video Editors and Cocaine

Like all good children, I went to visit my parents for the holidays last December. When we travel we get to stay at a few hotels or lounge around and watch actual television. And every year I am always taken back because I notice something about television commercials  that I hadn’t noticed before.

I personally don’t remember when the majority of television programming turned to crap, nor do I remember when people in marketing became unable to sustain our interest with their commercials. I do remember when commercials became unbearably loud, and how congress intervened. Morbid curiosity made me at least a little eager to see what had happened to commercials over the past year, since they couldn’t be deafeningly loud anymore.

I am uncertain if anyone else noticed this, but commercials change the ‘scene’ every quarter of a second now in order to assault our brains with imagery. Watching these commercials made me feel a bit ill, not in the sense that I’m going to throw up, but in the sense that I’m brain fatigued by STUPID information. I am not a slow person by any standard, and even on my worst days I can comprehend information spews. “Weonlyhavefifteensecondstotalkaboutourproductsoletsshowyoufourtyimagesandtellyouoneminutesworthofinformationinthistime”, didn’t really sit well with me. Eventually I just closed my eyes during the commercial breaks, and by listening I could hear what they wanted to tell me about, and not feel on the verge of having an epileptic seizure. It’s very apparent that the people in charge of commercial editing, are on ALL of the cocaine ever.

A few shows on television also do this. Whatever happened to the slow leisurely pace of enjoying something?  But then there’s the other swing of the pendulum, where shows spend 5 minutes recapping what happened prior to the commercial break, thus padding their run time. I sort of feel cheated by whatever I’m watching that does that. Perhaps they do it because we’re having our minds blanked by the commercials.  All in all TV is in a very sad state. 1/3rd of any program is dedicated to commercials, and what’s left of the program is dedicated to product placement.

Know what commercials I’ve actively looked online for and enjoyed?  Those Old Spice Ones — because they’re creative and funny.