Looking for work? Learn to build and fix machines.

I remember staring at the closet while I was talking to my father through the bathroom door. “If you don’t get a good education, you’ll end up pumping gas at a gas station. What you should think about is fixing robots, that’s where all the jobs are going to be”, he said. This was way back in 1989. As I get older it’s harder to remember the small conversations we had, but certain things really stick in my head. Prophetically he was right — though since we were already very industrialized he had quite a lot of clues. 1989 was still before computers became a household staple, so he couldn’t imagine how exactly right he was.

In the late 1800s and early 1900s industrialization of our planet made taking raw resources and crafting them into a consumer product.  As early as then we’ve been making obtaining the raw materials easier.  Most modern day resource gathering is done on an industrial scale. Now that robots are here to stay, most manufacture operations are done by robots to ensure perfect products. If you think about it, in the last 100 years we’ve obsoleted a lot of manpower for manufacturing and crafting things. Since the year 2000, computers have been taking over what’s left. Nothing is safe anymore, even imaginative jobs are at risk. The fact of the matter is, automation took our jobs through the pursuit of being cost effective.

“Job Creators” as they’ve been coined are usually classified as the people in charge of companies; they have the power to create jobs. But unless the company cares about the welfare of the people they employ, beyond their competition and cost effectiveness — they’re going to be against you. Why would you chose a person over a machine that doesn’t get sick, have disabilities, drama, or need health insurance?

… and I hate phone automation systems.