Important SL JIRAs for February

Once a month I’ll showcase a few JIRAs that severely impact Second Life. Server fixes are things that can improve or repair the Second Life service, and are usually things that only Linden Lab can fix. Client fixes relate to the bugs or defects in the software you use to access SL, and if you’re a developer you can submit a patch to Linden Lab. Finally, feature developments are cool new things on the horizon! I encourage everyone to “Watch” and “Vote” on these!

Important Server Fixes:

  • [SVC-1509] Error message when starting and posting to a group chat / IM session.  THIS.  This needs to be fixed once and for all. I really don’t know what the fix for this is myself, I just know that SL as a social platform needs to allow people to communicate with each other.  This may be the single most important fix the grid needs to revitalize it.
  • [SVC-3579] Attachments reloaded from stale versions on rewear. Anyone who tries to develop anything in LSL expects their variables to not be reset or rolled back. Especially anything involving transactions, gift card systems, or game stats. People are losing money, having upset players, and a good amount of general frustration. Right now the only work-around to this issue is to not depend on SL as a platform — and make sure you host all of your important stuff on your own server. That is pretty hard to do, and defeats the purpose of keeping things inworld.
  • [SVC-7629] Map tile generator not working.  I am sure there are far more important JIRAs out there, but as an estate owner those inworld maps are pretty important to me! It also really irks me that only two of my thirteen regions show up on the inworld map.  I’m not even going to detail how stupid my landstore looks now.

Important Client Fixes:

  • [SH-2854] Mesh objects stop loading after certain period of time. For the past — I’m not certain — feels like a year now LL have been pushing mesh.  Since Mesh’s release, it’s had a lot untrue rumors that keep people from upgrading to a viewer that supports it.  Last I read mesh enabled viewers are only at 60%.  By fixing this JIRA we can ensure that people who do experiment with viewing mesh don’t have any excuses for not adopting it.
  • [SH-2720] Invisprims are not being rendered while Lighting and Shadows is enabled. While invisiprims are technically a hack, they’re a hack that’s been around since I started SL. Before we could make transparent and alpha’d out clothing, we had to hide our body parts with a tricked out primitive with special textures. A ton of old content relies on this hack and I hate to admit that it needs to be carried over into the newest iteration of viewers, but it does.
  • [SH-2920] Fast Alpha – Alpha Masking – glitching. This one is just a pet peeve of mine, and could be related to the issue above this one.  Things in SL look like crap if there’s a lot of alpha flickering. For new users it may be disorienting to try and navigate a building that’s mostly made of alpha textures.  It’s not common but I’ve seen it.

Important Feature Developments:

  • [NO-JIRA] Linden Realms functionality. Linden realms uses a few new and very secretive functions to help operate it’s game. Features like the ability to teleport avatars to certain destinations and auto-attach HUDs, all of without an avatars expressed permission.  As a person who’s been running games in SL for 5+ years now, these are things I’ve been dying for. I would love to see it expanded into more control over a player. Please, let us play test them and give feedback AS game developers — at the very least on the beta grid.  For those who aren’t into scripted objects having that much control — perhaps it can be an estate flag that’s checked prior to a teleport, letting an avatar choose if they want to go to that destination.
  • [STORM-1716] Mesh Deformer for tailoring mesh clothing. Currently this is the big one everyone is waiting for. I think when mesh initially came out a lot of people expected to have this deformer in place to make more suitable mesh clothing. It took an externally funded project to hire an ex-linden to develop this feature. It’s making good leaps and bounds in it’s progress, and it’s especially nice to have video updates (because people don’t like to read for some reason).

My Wish List:

  • Bring inworld C# back into development.  This was a HUGE project that many programmers in SL were really looking forward to, and then everyone got laid off and it was shelved.  Bring it back, and you’ll have far better interactive content on the grid!
  • Improve Customer Service. (I will rant about that another day)
  • Lower Tier. Seriously, the current pricing structure has been in effect for 5+ years now. On top of that 20% of the people paying for the service are essentially beta-ing it for you, against their will.
  • Custom mesh skeletons and animations for both avatars and objects and related scripting functions to go with them. Perhaps a function like llPlayObjectAnimation(string animation, float priority);

(Editors Note: This article is all just personal opinion of the importance of what JIRAs need to be fixed most. I may not know of other JIRAs that have a bigger impact. If you have suggestions for next month, please leave a comment about them with a link.)