A short introduction

Prior to the age of the internet I used to keep paper journals about being a very naive and anger filled teenager. The internet rolled around and sites like Dream Journal and LiveJournal rolled around, and I became one of the many lost voices on the internet. Like most journals 95% of everything I wrote was private.  Then social media became the big thing, but I don’t really like the direction social media is heading; which is part of the reason why I’ve started my own WordPress powered blog. I’m not signing off of social media entirely, I’ll be using it to drop links to this blog. A lot of my friends use RSS feeds, and WordPress does that out of the box. The links can be found on the side!

As far as this blogs content goes I am okay with spelling, a little worse with grammar, but I can convey ideas pretty decently.  I hope to share the beauty and terror of the internet, my love of science, and perhaps have constructive criticism on whatever I post.  Odds are though, that I’ll be writing a lot about Second Life.

Second Life is very important to me, and I know I’ll be writing about it a lot. On occasion I’ll be writing very critical articles about Second Life as a service. I think my opinion matters because I’ve been in SL for almost six years non-stop — and aside from actually working for Linden Lab, I think I’ve particpated in everything there’s to do inside SL.  There’s some things I’m not exactly happy about, but I hope that changes before I have a chance to address those issues.  I also plan to post some code snippets and write up some articles on content creation, and viewer optimizations. As critical as I am about Second Life, deep down I really love it, and I want it to grow.

But enough about me, expect to hear more about the internet in general from here on out.