Busy week, but still trucking forward!

The past week has been really hectic, however the beginning of the month was oddly calm. Although it’s been busy, it’s nothing I couldn’t handle, and everything’s comin’ up Milhouse! They only sort of odd side effect is that it’s kept me out of Second Life, moreso than usual.  I’ve noticed a trend for the past few months in that the end of the month has a lot for me to do.

Skyrim Butterfly RagecomicThe free time I did have earlier in the month was spent playing Skyrim and working on The Wastelands. I didn’t think I’d like Skyrim because it was a high fantasy first person clobberer. What really got me into it though was the sheer amount of information and questing. I did a half dozen book fetching quests, before I found out about Skyrims dynamic quest generating thing.  If I hadn’t found out about it, I would have fetched ALL the books, simply because I like libraries. From a technical standpoint, Skyrim is really impressive, although the NPCs can be a little DERP at times. One thing I really like to do in these open-world sandbox games is hoard things. Gathering reagents for alchemy was strangely satisfying, the comic on the right is the EXACT set of expressions I made. I neatly organize things into specific containers!  WOOO  OCD! I am proud Skyrim lived up to the hype, as I have a tendency to play games six months to a two years after they’ve been released.