Who are you, and what do you do?

In Second Life I go by the name NeoBokrug Elytis, and I do just about everything in Second Life.

  • I lead a large virtual world community called The Wastelands. It’s currently 5+ years old, and 13 Second Life (SL) regions big.
  • I work full time in SL for paychecks as a contractor, or for my own business Desolate Studios.
  • I spend a lot of my spare time in SL; either coding for fun or being social.

At heart, I am a very silly person who loves science and learning.  I swear… a lot.

Why the name Tin Man Rant?

There’s a couple of reasons for that.  In Second Life I look as if a robot that’s barely scrapped it’s way through the apocalypse — a Tin Man if you will.  My friend who goes by the name Chalkmouth created a song called Tin Man Rant, I rather enjoy it.  I figure that if there was ever a time where I would host a blog, it would be the perfect name for it!