Binge Learning, Task Wranglin’, and More!

Man.  It’s been three months since I posted anything of any significance in this blog.  I don’t really aim to change that trend with this post, but just sort of consolidate some thoughts.

First of all, I have been on a crusade to populate my brain with new things! In the past three months I’ve learned PHP PDO, how to normalize database design, build my own compact LSL protocol for off-grid communications, researched and built a self redundant system for inworld http LSL communications, and this month I am polishing off a secret masterpiece of inworld scripting.  Unfortunately, right now most of what I have been learning can only be seen with inworld projects like The Traders or the Doktor in the Wastelands.  They certainly don’t take advantage of everything I’ve learned, but they use some components of the things I’ve developed.  For the moment, I’m sort of wading my feet in the water to get a feel for it all.  If anything it makes me paranoid that things are just going so well.

I am actually very happy with all the Wastelands projects I’ve been working on this year.  For as complex as the things I have been working on are, they’re relatively bug free! The bugs that do pop up are always from when the sl grid is being uncooperative. On the other hand they’ve got crazy OCD levels of error catching and reporting; so they essentially ‘turn off’ for a while if there’s problems.

I was going to take a stab at coding a libOMV bot, but after some research and consulting their IRC channel — libOMV doesn’t support setting Estate Windlight settings, yet.  The exact reason I wanted to learn it was to make “real time”, realistic weather for my estate.  I guess I’ll just keep watch for when and if they add that, then revisit the idea.

The Crimson ThroneIt took a little over two years to run my Curse of the Crimson Throne game inside Second Life, but we finally finished it a week ago. Gameplay is much slower in SL than tabletop. I am a little bit disappointed in my skills as a GM, I had hoped the players would be interested in certain things, and less interested in other things. Then again it was my first game I’ve GMed since probably junior high; and I had to convert things from DnD 3.5 to Pathfinder all too often.  None the less, MOST of the players had fun.  So much so that we’re going to be playing Savage Worlds Deadlands in the coming weeks.  It’s a simpler system that doesn’t seem to have a great power imbalance in the later levels. I like Pathfinder LOTS, but those high levels are pretty brutal on both players and GMs.

In not-second-life, I’ve been on and off sick.  Possibly due to stress, possibly due to the heat, possibly due to not eating like I should. In reality, possibly all of the above. Everything combined with the normal migraines has kept me down for some portions of last week.  Usually I can work when I am sick or when I have a migraine, but I get to learn the hard way not both.  A lesson I never remember.

A big thorn in my side has been my hosting provider Dreamhost.  There’s been a TON of downtime in the past month, that I’m actually considering moving some of the more important processing to the cloud.  It’s going to be a bit more expensive, so I will have to try to offset that cost somehow. I guess I could always look into Dreamhost VPS, which is just about as expensive, if not more.

Everything considered, I’m very excited for the upcoming months!  I have all these projects with sub-projects coming to maturity. All that’s left is more testing (on The Wastelands), and bug fixes as they come.